• December 3, 2022

Denmark Looking to Tax Meat to Fight Global Warming

The Denmark Ethics Council has taken it upon themselves to declare the eating of meat to be an “ethics issue.”  They want to create a “sin tax”  for anyone who dares eat meat.  The tax will initially be on beef and would eventually be a tax on all red meat.  Eventually they say they want a tax on all foods at varying costs depending on their effect on greenhouse gases.  They claim that meat is responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gases.  Obama has tried to regulate cow farts to reduce emissions.

The council has already voted on the measure and it was approved overwhelmingly.  The proposal will now be sent to the government for consideration and a possible vote to turn the proposal into law.  Knowing Denmark, it’s more probable than possible that they will pass legislation of some sort.

The Danes are prisoners of the liberal elite.  Their goal is to take control of every facet of the people’s lives.  Once they get you to accept one control, it becomes easier to get you to accept the next control.  As controls pile up, it becomes easier and easier to domesticate the citizens.

The council declared:

“The Danish way of life is far from climate-sustainable, and if we are to live up to the Paris Agreement target of keeping the global temperature rise ‘well’ below 2°C, it is necessary both to act quickly and involve food.”

“For a response to climate-damaging food to be effective, while also contributing to raise awareness of the challenge of climate change, it must be shared.”

“This requires society to send a clear signal through regulation.”

One by one we see our freedoms slipping away.

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