• June 16, 2024

Devastating: Obama’s Response To Louisiana Flood Compared To Bush’s Reaction To Katrina

Nearly 11 years following Hurricane Katrina, much of Louisiana is once again under water following recent unprecedented rain fall – the worst natural disaster in the past 7 years. Scores of Americans have died and over 40,000 family homes have flooded and been evacuated.

Like Katrina, the enormity of the disaster has overwhelmed federal and local entities, leaving rescue and response to heroic citizens in the “cajun navy.”

Here’s how President Bush reacted to Hurricane Katrina and how President Obama is reacting today. Both Presidents vastly differed in their responses — and in the responses they have received.


1) …Spoke directly to the nation PRIOR to the storm, preemptively declaring a federal state of Emergency in Louisiana at the request of the Governor freeing up assets and money in preparation of the storm.

2) …Coordinated directly with the National Hurricane Center, FEMA, Department of Homeland Security and affected Governors to best prepare for impact and recovery.

3) …Cut his “vacation” short and returned to White House — while still keeping a long-standing commitment to thank those who fought for our country on the anniversary of V-J Day in San Diego.

4) …Was on the ground days after the storm assessing the situation first hand, meeting with local and federal authorities, and thanking first responders.

5) …When the federal government response was rightfully criticized as slow and inept, he took action and installed new leadership in the form of Gen. Russell Honoré and Adm. Thad Allen who didn’t get “stuck on stupid.”

6) …Was harshly criticized in media and by Hollywood celebrities for the federal response, even accused of racism.

7) …Took responsibility for the response – good and bad, committed to rebuild Louisiana – and did. Passed and signed legislation committing over $52 billion dollars to revitalize the Gulf Coast. Mrs. Laura Bush personally raised millions of dollars to restock and restore the area’s devastated libraries.

8) …Returned to a flourishing New Orleans 10 years later in August ’15

Obama, on the other hand…

1) …Played 8 rounds of golf since arriving in Martha’s Vineyard on August 6th.

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