• September 26, 2022

DHS Contractor Forged Omar Mateen’s Gun Certification


Contractors for the DHS must go through a thorough process in able to be certified to carry a gun.  One of those steps is a psychological evaluation.  G4S, the security company that Mateen worked for had all of his paperwork but there seems to be a problem.  Mateen’s  psychological evaluation was signed by psychologist, Dr Carol Nudelman.  There seems to be a small problem in that Dr Nudelman says she never evaluated Mateen and in fact was not even in Florida on the day, she allegedly did the evaluation.  That means he was never qualified to carry a gun and given his history of violence, he could never have passed an evaluation.

What I do know is that in September 2007, I was not living or working in Florida, I was not performing any work for Wackenhut, and I did not administer any type of examination to Omar Mateen.

G$S, who could be named in lawsuits over the shooting of 102 people, including 49 deaths, said that it was a clerical error.  That seems unlikely.  Someone had to forge the signature, which would seem like an intentional act of forgery.

From the Daily Mail:

The G4S security firm has been under fire after it was revealed that they concluded that allegations about his inflammatory comments while an armed guard in 2013 were serious enough to transfer him to an unarmed position, according to NBC News

The company called the discrepancy a ‘clerical error’ and said that Mateen, who was a G4S employee for 9 years, had been evaluated by a different psychologist.

G4S has had a series of problems occur in the past with former employees and later it was revealed that the company hadn’t properly vetted a man, who shot and killed two coworkers while on a security detail in Iraq, according to the Herald.

And the company came under fire again after its employee, Mateen, killed 49 people and injured 53 others at Pulse gay nightclub.

It seems like a lot of people dropped the ball on this guy.


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