• January 24, 2022

American Diner Offers Up ‘Dictator Obama’ breakfast special and ‘The Anti-Michelle Obama Burger’

Mr. Tassone is the owner of the “American Diner” in Liverpool, N.Y., and it may very well be the most politically incorrect diner in the Empire State – and quite possibly the nation. It’s a gun-toting, beef-eating, Constitution-loving establishment owned by Michael Tassone.

In short, this is my kind of restaurant!

Mr. Tassone is a no-nonsense God & Country fellow who takes pride in Old Glory and his signature “Animal Burger” – made from 24 ounces of “American Love.”

“We talk religion and politics and we encourage people to carry their guns,” Mr. Tassone told said. “The Second Amendment protects all the rest of them.”

They also encourage folks to say Grace.

“If people don’t like it – they can go to Denny’s,” he said.

And just so diners aren’t caught off-guard, they post their talking points on the menu:

  • We don’t like political correctness or special interest
  • If you really don’t like America – LEAVE
  • Actually, I did build MY business
  • Everyone doesn’t get the same size trophy
  • Gov’t and taxes are the problem
  • Yes, we talk religion and politics
  • Get a backbone instead of a wishbone
  • We The People, Don’t Forget It
  • Everyone Doesn’t Get The Same Size Trophy
  • Defeat socialism and communism
  • If you don’t like it, too bad!
  • We believe in the Constitution
  • It’s like Cheers without the beer.
  • 2nd Amendment Is Your Right, Not A Privilege
  • We Encourage Legal Carry On Premise
  • We encourage Prayer / Grace
  • If you’re born in America, you’re an American period!

And these days Mr. Tassone is especially upset with the government.

A sandwich named after the first lady is one of the diner’s hottest items. It’s called, “The Anti-Michelle Obama, Don’t Tell Me What to Eat or Feed My Kids Burger.”


The website for his diner is AmericanDinerInNY.com

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