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Did You Know That There’s A White House Replica Located On Former Military Base Property?

Online conspiracy theorists have speculated over the course of the past few months that President Joe Biden and members of his administration have been broadcasting from a mocked-up Oval Office movie-like set to dupe the general public. And although the theory is entertaining — there is no hard proof.

Seriously, if there was hard proof one would think that the media would be reporting on it, but then again would they?

At any rate, we did find something rather interesting and it considering the questions surrounding this seemingly “missing” president it is worthy of being reported on.

As it turns out, there is a three-quarter scale replica of the White House that does exist, and what makes it even more curious is that it’s located on a former U.S. military base in Alabama.

Some Americans may be concerned to find out that there is a replica of the White House located on a 330-acre former U.S. government compound, but that’s the case.

The life-like version of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is owned by real estate tycoon and investor Tyler Perry who purchased the property from the U.S. government for a cool $30 million.

Chicago Crusader reports: “Tyler Perry Studios complex is said to be bigger than Disney, Paramount, Sony and Warner studios combined. It’s the first time in history that a Black man has owned a major film studio.”

There is also a replica in Texas.

So do you think this where the Biden administration is at and the military is really in control or is this something else?

I am not sure what to think anymore since all of it is rather confusing but I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter for sure!

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