Did You Notice Trump’s HIDDEN INSULT For The Liberal Media On His New Podium?

This man is a master of tricking the media and the liberals. Sneaky but brilliant!


President-Elect Donald Trump has been dealing with the media for more than 30 years and it is clear that they are outgunned and outclassed every time they interact with him.

He is a bulldog and a master of marketing. Some would call him a President-Elect Troll.

He drove liberals crazy during the campaign with implied messages and words that could be taken as insults, but perhaps not. Two months after the Election has ended, he continues to torture liberals and the media in sneaky ways.

Did you see the logo on his podium during Wednesday’s news conference? As expected, it displayed his “President-Elect” logo but people noticed something markedly different.

Take a look:

At first, many thought that the logo was an unintentional mistake made by a graphic designer. Does anyone really believe that a mistake of that nature would go unnoticed by Trump’s eye for details?

Others have come to quickly believe that there is an intentional message in the logo.

If it is, in fact, a “no entry” symbol, is Trump indicating that the media will have limited access to his Administration? Is he trolling liberals on immigration by implying “no entry?”

Given the way liberals and the media have continually lied about Trump, I think the implication is hilarious. Is it true? Maybe, maybe not, but in true Trump style, he will likely move on to the next venue.

Trump is Making America Great Again, and the liberals and the media may take a few shots while he does so.


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