• September 26, 2022

Disgusting: Hotel Workers Reveal Sick Things They Do Behind Customer’s Backs

The only job that may be more trying than retail in terms of customer service is hospitality management.

Recently, on an anonymous confession app called Whisper, some people claiming to work in the hotel industry have spilled the beans about their treatment of guests, their biases and their thoughts. It varied from the prevalence of cheating spouses to negligent cleaning for the rooms of those who annoyed them.

Apparently, marital violations are more common than you’d like to believe, according to the U.K. Daily Mail: “Working at a hotel it is crazy how many married people on business trips with coworkers have sex together when traveling and their spouses have no idea.”

Some of it is a little less dramatic — like any other customer service job, if you treat them right, they will treat you right. It very frequently will land you perks and goodies that wouldn’t normally be available.

“If you’re cool at check-in I’ll hook you up (room upgrade, drinks, free breakfast) but if you’re mean, you’re getting a room by the elevator with no view,” one person wrote.

“When guests annoy me I deactivate their room key cards,” another wrote.

Some of the secrets shared are outright gross.

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