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Divers Make Sickening Find In California Lake

A police spokesperson told media today that divers had made a disgusting find in a small lake located in Northern California. On Friday, divers reported finding a cement block, with a human leg attached to it, in addition, other body parts were later located in the icy lake. Authorities believe the remains may belong to a woman that has been reported as missing to police.


The body parts were found over a two day period near the same spot in Shasta County’s Whiskeytown Lake. That is the same lake where witnesses said they saw Bridget Jacobs’ ex-husband the evening of March 19, just one day before the 38-year-old woman was reported missing. During Questioning, 56-year-old Philip Jacobs, Bridget Jacobs’ ex-husband, told deputies that his ex-wife’s death was an accident.

He stated that she had died after charging at him and falling down stairs, the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said. Philip Jacobs, who holds a nurse practitioner license, told officers he did not give her medical aid or call for assistance, authorities said. He also told detectives he kept his ex-wife’s body for four days at a home before dumping it in the lake.

According to official records, their troubled marriage lasted just eight months before the pair filed for divorce ending on December 7th. During the proceedings, both parties had requested temporary restraining orders against each another, according to court records.

Philip Jacobs was arrested last Tuesday and booked into Shasta County jail. Sheriff’s Sgt. Brian Jackson told reporters that Ms. Jacobs’ body does not appear to have separated into pieces due to the process of decomposition. “We don’t know what type of tools or instruments were used at this time. That would be something for the coroner’s office to determine later next week,” Jackson said.

Sgt. Jackson said that divers had to suspend their search over the weekend due to windy weather conditions and poor visibility in the lake. He did not say when or if the search of the lake would resume this week.

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