• December 11, 2023

DNC Delegate Finds Herself In Hot Seat As Democrats Desperately Try To Regulate Guns

It’s crystal clear by now that Democrats seek to regulate our guns to the point they will no longer be legal. However, it’s also evident that the laws they intend to ram down our throats are not to be followed by them, and a Democrat delegate just proved it after getting busted big time.

Deanna Vicites is not only a Democrat, but she’s one of the 4500 delegates to next week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia. The Democrat party is now saying that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to have to replace Vicites after what she did this weekend.

According to the authorities, 47-year-old Vicites shot her husband, Vincent, in the neck Sunday. He is a Fayette County commissioner.

That’s right — a democrat, with a gun, shot someone, but not just any someone. It was her own husband. I know this isn’t a huge surprise to most readers since we all know that if Democrats would stop shooting people, gun crime would drop over 90%.

Deanna Vicites is being held on bond on an attempted homicide charge, and she has yet to secure legal counsel. Although she claims that the shooting was an accident, authorities aren’t buying it. The official criminal complaint states the shooting could be accidental, but authorities still believe she tried to murder her husband, hence the homicide charges. Her husband is recovering at a West Virginia hospital.

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