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DNC Propaganda Site Host Snaps at Kellyanne Conway




DNC propaganda site host Chuck Todd of DNC subsidiary NBC , snapped at Kellyanne Conway for pointing out that He and NBC are a major part of the DNC propaganda machine and pointed out that they had spent 8 years debating just how cool Obama truly is.

I went back and looked at what all the press clips and the conversations on shows like this eight years ago. It was basically debating just how cool Barack Obama is… if we’re not going to do that about President-elect Trump, we should at the very least trust him to do the right thing and comply with the law here.”

A visibly annoyed Todd shot back:

I understand. Every knee-jerk pushback is going to be to blame the media. It’s a crutch. I get it. And I’m used to it. But it’s not the fact.”

DNC propaganda sites do not allow criticism of their news non reporting.

The stage was set when DNC propagandist Todd went after the president elect about not selling off his business.  But the DNC propagandist failed to mention that the Kennedy family did not sell off any of the family businesses that JFK co owned or that DNC propagandist hero, Hillary Clinton planned to keep her criminal enterprise, the Clinton Foundation open for business if she were elected.

The DNC Propaganda Service was founded in the 1960’s in order to withhold damaging information on liberal candidates and distributing false accusations against conservatives.  Earlier this year they had to declare moral bankruptcy and is being controlled in receivership by George Soros.

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