• May 24, 2024

Do You Suffer With ‘White Guilt’? Well, Now You Have A Place To Go…

I am pleased to announce to all that there is a website you can go to extradite any “White Guilt” you might have. You will be able to contribute financially and unburden yourself of your supremacy thoughts. Ah! Only in America can you relieve the burden of guilt to people from two centuries ago that you and they had no part in. Is this a wonderful country or what?

According to Eagle Rising:

The website reparations.me provides such a platform. But even the name of the website is a dead giveaway about what the motive behind the site is.

The website – and accompanying Facebook page – was started as a “social media experiment” by a Seattle woman named Natasha Marin. Marin happens to be black. She also believes that whites are privileged, and that white supremacy is entrenched in American society, even as a matter of public policy.

But she also believes that there is something that white people can do to relieve at least part of the guilt that they should feel for oppressing black people. While she says that her website is not the answer or solution to white privilege and white supremacy, it is a start – a step in the right direction. Or, as Marin put it, a way for white people to “extricate themselves from the guilt they are mired in,” but “is in no way a pardon for years of systemic abuse.

I am sure there are some can find relief in this, but race seems to be growing into a 24/7  big business in America, and in my opinion seems to be pushing people into opposite directions instead of bringing people together.


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