• April 19, 2024

Doctor Sentenced For Only One Year After Doing The Unthinkable To His Patients

California doctor Jeffrey Joel Abrams was sentenced to just one year in jail after sexually assaulting his patients, despite a recommendation that he be jailed for 20 years. Dr. Abrams claims to be suffering medical problems. Thus, the unbelievably light sentence.

Excerpt from NBC San Diego

An East County free clinic doctor who admitted he sexually assaulted female patients in his exam room and took photos of their naked bodies will serve one year on house arrest and five years’ probation, a stark contrast to a pre-sentencing report that recommended a 20 year, 8 month state prison sentence.

Jeffrey Joel Abrams, 68, was sentenced to one year in jail to be served as house arrest and five years formal probation. He pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious person, three counts of sexual battery and one count of possession of child pornography, involving pictures of an 8-year-old girl, according to Deputy District Attorney Kerry Conway. Abrams faced 25 years in prison.


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