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Doctors Sue Obama Over Sex Change Mandate


Just when you thought you knew just what a low life Obama is, he outdoes himself.  His newest regulation would mandate that all doctors and hospitals must perform sex change operations or lose the right to Medicare and Medicaid patients.  They will be forced to perform the operations not only over religious objections but over their medical judgement as well.  Not only that, but they would be force to give sex change operations to children, who are not really mature enough to realize the ramifications their actions and based on the whims of their parents.

As a result, doctors, healthcare providers and five states have sued Obama in federal court in Texas.  The location of the lawsuit was planned because any appeal would then go to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the most conservative appeals court in America.  That is the same court that stopped Obama’s illegal amnesty program.  That federal court is also the court that blocked Obama’s mandate that would allow transsexual men using the same bathroom as your daughters.

This case goes beyond pervert rights and could adversely affect medical care in the entire United States.  At a time that there are not enough doctors and hospitals, it could make the shortage much worse, especially for Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Religious hospitals could be forced to close and surgeons could be forced to change their specialties or face the possibility of violating their firmly held beliefs.

From The Washington Times:

Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Kansas have joined in the suit, and Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, is joining the suit on behalf of his state.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit include the Franciscan Alliance, which operates 14 hospitals in Indiana and Illinois, and the Christian Medical Association, a national network of medical professionals.

Religious groups unsuccessfully lobbied for an exception to the mandate before it was implemented. The lawsuit argues the edict infringes upon the rights of religious medical professionals.

“Doctors and health care providers like Franciscan Alliance have joined this profession in order to serve people,” Ms. Windham said. “They’re inspired by their faith, and they should not be forced to provide transition procedures, especially for children, that go against their medical judgment.”


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