• September 24, 2023

Dog Found In Arms Of Dead Owner After Texas Tornado Has A Happy Ending

A wounded dog found in her dead owner’s arms after the fatal tornado that ripped through Van, Texas, two weeks ago has found a new home.

The dog, a giant Pyrenees believed to be about 8 years old, has been renamed Emma by her new owner, a volunteer who helped an animal shelter that was collecting abandoned and wounded animals after the tornado.

“Emma went and crawled up underneath his [her former owner’s] arm for comfort, so a very sad situation — but she’s going to have a good home,” said Cindy Nash, the director of Nicholas Pet Haven.

Michelle Shockley, who works as a supervisor at a nearby zoo and helped with the rescue, said Emma was in a large crate in the back of a pick-up truck when she first saw her.

“I was sitting in the back of the pick-up and she came out on my lap,” Shockley told ABC News. “She was just exhausted and very traumatized.”

Shockley made the decision that day to adopt the dog and, at the suggestion of a behavioral psychologist that advises Nicholas Pet Haven, she renamed the dog Emma.

The veterinarian who treated Emma told Shockley that she suffered some head trauma and an inner ear injury because she has bruises throughout her body and appears to have difficulty balancing, with every movement appearing to be a “concentrated effort,” Shockley said.

“From what the vet said from his initial exams, the way in which she was battered and bruised under her coat, she was at Ground Zero. She was thrown around,” Shockley said.



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