• April 15, 2024

DONALD TRUMP: Drags Pope Into The Mix & People Are Freaking

When CNN host Chris Cuomo asked GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump how he would respond to Pope Francis’ claim that capitalism can be “toxic,” the Republican frontrunner said he would “scare” him.


“I’d say, ‘ISIS wants to get you.’ You know that ISIS wants to go in and take over the Vatican? You have heard that,” Trump said. “You know, that’s a dream of theirs, to go into Italy.”

“He talks to you about capitalism and you scare the pope?” Cuomo asked.

“I’m gonna have to scare the Pope because it’s the only thing. The Pope, I hope, can only be scared by God. But the truth is — you know, if you look at what’s going on — they better hope that capitalism works, because it’s the only thing we have right now. And it’s a great thing when it works properly,” Trump added.

Trump later said he has “great respect” for the Pope.

“I like the Pope,” he said. “I actually like him. He’s becoming very political, there’s no question about it. But I like him. He seems like a pretty good guy.”


Found at The Blaze 

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