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Donald Trump Promises to Do Away With Gun Free Zones

gun free zones

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump is now promising to do away with gun free zones.  Trump made the promise at the NRA Leadership Forum this week.  The problem with gun free zones is that law abiding citizens with guns will honor those zones but mass murderers don’t.  It has long been the belief of many republicans and even some democrats that an armed good guy has a chance of taking out a bad guy determined to murder as many people as they can.  There is also much proof that these mass killers depend on gun free zones.

In Aurora, Colorado they have 24 movie theaters.  One of them is gun free.  So, which movie house did James Holmes pick to shoot up?  That’s right the gun free zone.   Eric Dietz, Ph.D., the former director of Homeland Security for the state of Indiana and 22-year Army veteran, and now a professor at Purdue University, set out to find out how armed citizens could prevent deaths.  What he found was that of all of the mass shootings since the 1950s, only two occurred where guns are permitted.   That is a staggering statistic.

Trump referenced the terror attack in Paris in which some of the terrorists took their time and lined up their victims before shooting them dead:

“There were no guns on the other side. But if you would have had guns on the other side… there would not have been 130 people killed and hundreds of people lying in the hospital.”

Trump decried the five deaths in Chattanooga, where soldiers were forbidden to carry their service revolvers:

They were told, put your guns away. You’ve got to put your guns away–and these are soldiers, these are people representing us, these are the top of the line, these five great, brave, incredible soldiers–so their guns are locked up, put in a different area of the place. And a whack job walks in and starts shooting and kills all five of them.

At this point, Trump promised:

“We’re getting rid of gun-free zones.”


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