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Drunk Airline Passenger Picked the Wrong man to Harass



A man got drunk on a recent flight and he became unruly with the crew of the plane.  Then he made the mistake of confronting a passenger he should have left alone.  The drunk man, Preston Bluntson, was fighting with the crew and fellow passengers, yelling at them.  That’s when one passenger rose up and placed Bluntson under control.  That passenger was none other than Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

This Twitter user dished out praise for the Trump supporting sheriff 

This tweeter said she is a retired flight attendant and said his help on the plane would be appreciated by aircraft staff

From The Mail Online:

A passenger on the American Airlines flight said Bluntson kept using a racial epithet, accused Clarke of ‘closing our parks’ and said the sheriff is ‘not one of us.’

The passenger also said the sheriff was on the back of the small plane, which has around 12 rows, and that a number of people on the flight tried to engage with Bluntson in order to calm him down. 

‘In all my years flying, I’ve never seen anything like it,’ the passenger said.

‘The sheriff handled himself extremely well. It could have gotten a lot worse because the guy was not backing down,’ he added. 

Clarke shared his article explaining the rationale behind detaining the drunk passenger on his Twitter page and many replied showing their approval for his actions.

One woman, who says she is a retired flight attendant, commented that she appreciates his ‘assistance to the crew’ while another said the sheriff didn’t need to ‘explain himself’ and that he should be appointed the head of the FBI.  

When the plane landed Clarke held the abusive man down in aisle and waited for Charlotte police to come on-board and arrest him.

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