• February 8, 2023

Dude Demands That Girl Send Revealing Pics, So She Sends PRECISELY What He Asks For

I wonder if this kind of thing happens all of the time and we are just now finding out about it?

This guy, Alex, kept bugging a girl for nude photos. Truthfully, requests like this are a case of bad timing. Once in a relationship with a girl that is more intimate, she will probably want to send pictures to a guy. Just not right off the bat or after first meeting. Alex is way ahead of the game. Take a look at his attempt. The girl is clearly setting him up for disappointment by raising his expectations a bit too high. Mean, right?


So, Alex was ready to see something good from his new Tinder match, then the pictures started rolling, and they were literally what she promised. This first set of images contains the humor within the images themselves, mostly, but the girl was just getting started. I am sure that Alex was in a state of disbelief, at first, and expected that actual images of the girl were coming next. Wrong!


Now, the girl gets creative! She opens her next message with all capital letters: “AM I JUICY ENOUGH FOR YOU?” and “I can even strip for you.”

You know she set Alex up even worse with this message as he sat back and waited for the real thing to arrive. Unfortunately, for Alex, the girl was far more clever than he suspected. I’ll have to say, this set is rather brilliant.


“OMG SAUCE ME?” Okay, that one was a stretch but still a bit funny. At this point, if you were Alex, would you just stop the conversation altogether? I’ll bet that he pressed on for a date, perhaps something simple like a drink or a cup of coffee. Best to just let it go, dude.


Smartphone dating is fun, isn’t it?


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