• November 29, 2022

Early Voting Calculations In Nevada Leaning To Donald Trump

Early voting numbers in Nevada show more Democrats than Republicans have voted so far. Democrats are ahead by 7.9 percent. That’s even bigger than the 7 percent margin Democrats in Nevada in 2012, as reported by Statespoll.com.

According to MSFanpage:

In most recent election cycles, this would foreshadow a Democrat win. But this is a different cycle, and the Trump phenomenom has every thing upside down, and our two party system is to blame for it all. None-the-less this is what we have, and hopefully a sign for better things. In 2012, Romney won only 4% of those identifying as Democrats. In 2016, Trump is winning 21% of those identifying as Democrats. With those “Trumpocrats,” Trump is actually ahead in Nevada.Here are the latest numbers from Axiom in Nevada: Trump is ahead of Hillary 48-44.

In Nevada “Trumpocrats” are carrying Donald Trump to victory, all thanks to the corrupt campaign of Hillary Clinton. It seems there is a limit to what the American people will consume before they say enough is enough. What do you think?

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