• June 24, 2024

Ebola real or not? The explanation for why “clipboard guy” was unprotected from Ebola is INSANE


ebola clipboard guyPhoenix Air released a statement explaining why the  ‘clipboard guy’ was the only dude not wearing protective gear while right next to the Dallas Ebola patient Amber Vinson.

ebola clipboard guy 2

This man wasn’t protected so he could help people in the protective suits see.

From ABC News via The Federalist Papers:

The airline confirmed to ABC News that the man was their medical protocol supervisor who was purposefully not wearing protective gear.

“Our medical professionals in the biohazard suits have limited vision and mobility and it is the protocol supervisor’s job to watch each person carefully and give them verbal directions to insure no close contact protocols are violated,” a spokesperson from Phoenix Air told ABC News said.

“There is absolutely no problem with this and in fact insures an even higher level of safety for all involved,” the spokesperson said.

As far as excuses go, this is up there on the ridiculous level.

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