• June 24, 2024

Ecuador Under Pressure By Democrats to Stop Assange From Destroying Clinton


For the past four years, Ecuador has allowed Julian Assange to live in their London embassy, having granted him asylum.  After the last release of DNC emails, democrats are deathly afraid of what Assange may have on Hillary.  The sheeple in the democratic party have been receptive to the elite’s narrative that the contents of the emails is not important and that the leak is the problem.  Still, they don’t know how many more bombs Assange has or how damaging to Hillary, they could be.

England has vowed to arrest Assange the moment he leaves the embassy and are refusing to increase ties with Ecuador over their granting of amnesty to Assange.  The United States is a major trading partner of Ecuador.  Conceivably, Obama could bring a lot of pressure to bear.  They don’t necessarily care if he is taken into custody, they just want him to quit publishing the leaks.

ElComercio.com reported:

It happens that the author of the mess is none other than the person to whom Ecuador has granted asylum and protection for more than four years. I was the first to say that Assange has, like all human beings, inalienable rights that must be respected. However, an asylee also has obligations can not ignore. should not “perform acts that disturb the public peace or tend to participate or influence political activities” and also must respect and not harm their acts to the country that decided asilarlo.

Unfortunately, Ecuador has not set any limit to the conduct of Assange and allowed to violate his refugee status and who seek asylum taunt. His latest interference in US policy could have consequences worldwide, of which Ecuador, Assange protector, will not leave unscathed. If London has refused to closer ties with Ecuador, because of Assange, Washington is expected to react in the same way. And the United States is our best commercial customer! I said that, once granted asylum, Ecuador is bound to keep. However, given the gruesome performances Assange undoubtedly violate his refugee status should be considered whether its conduct, taken to the extreme, it is a good reason for Ecuador to end such asylum.

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