• June 23, 2024

‘Educational’ Satanic Black Mass Sells Out in Oklahoma City

All 88 tickets have been bought for the September 21 ritual to be led by a devil-worshiping group, the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu.

Church leaders have expressed alarm at the gathering, which they say will be a perversion of the Catholic liturgy.

But Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall, which is hosting the event, promised on its website it would be “enlightening but educational”.

All attendees must be at least 16 years old.

The ceremony will be held before an altar-like table on which a woman in lingerie will lie, say organisers.

Leaders of the service said they would use obscene language while stamping and spitting on an unconsecrated communion wafer.

Another group wants a statue of the devil in the Oklahoma State Capitol
Another group wants a statue of the devil in the Oklahoma State Capitol

The ritual will also feature a satanic exorcism, designed to banish the Holy Spirit from the follower’s body.

The organiser, Adam Daniels, who describes himself as high priest of the group, told the Oklahoman newspaper: “The goal for the event is to continue the satanic movement – to keep fighting for our rights for religious freedom.”

The organisers had to amend their plans so as to abide by local health and safety laws; they agreed not to use a real communion wafer, to forgo nudity and use vinegar instead of urine.

If this isn’t indicative of the decline of mankind into the pits of hell, then I don’t know what else could be… -MD

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