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Elderly Woman Saved From Horrific Death On Train Tracks MUST SEE [VIDEO]

Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time, and this elderly lady was lucky this young man was there at that time, because if he didn’t act she wouldn’t be here right now.


It’s funny how normal people just go about their lives and think nothing of it… until a situation arises that determines whether they are a hero or not. Wednesday was a sunny day and in New Jersey, Jon Mango was getting his lunch. He happened to notice an elderly woman in the parking lot, walking with the assistance of not one, but two canes. He took little notice of her and left. That’s when destiny decided she had other plans for Jon.

He was leaving the parking lot, but had to stop at railroad tracks for a train to pass. He looked up and saw the elderly woman trying to get across the tracks and then he saw the train that was about to deal a horrific death to the woman. He jumped out of his car, ducked under the crossing sign, ran and grabbed her, pulling her off the tracks. Seconds later that train rammed through the crossing. He saved that woman with no thought of himself whatsoever. Jon just became a hero.

From the Independent Review Journal:

It started out like any other Wednesday for New Jersey resident, Jon Mango. Although by the day’s end, Jon would be hailed as a hero:

Jon had just picked up some lunch when he noticed an elderly woman with two canes slowly walking across the parking lot.

Thinking little of it, Jon hopped back in his car and proceeded on with his day.

However, on Jon’s way back from lunch he found himself at a railroad crossing just moments before a train came barreling down the tracks.

As Jon squinted through his windshield, he was shocked to see that same woman from the parking lot.

The woman was attempting to move across the train tracks, having no clue that a train was headed straight for her.

Without hesitation, Jon jumped out of his vehicle and ducked under the railroad crossing sign in an attempt to save the woman.

Once he got to her, he grabbed the woman and whisked her off the tracks.

And he did so without a moment to spare.

You actually have to see the footage to get how very close it was. There are a lot of people who would have either frozen or said no way. Not Jon. He didn’t even think… he acted. And I’m sure that woman is blessing his name today. They took her to the hospital as a precaution, but she is okay.

Jon is that woman’s guardian angel. The woman saw the train coming and got so scared she froze. She would surely have died there that day if not for someone who did the right thing. The trained missed them by a couple of inches. Just wow.



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