• May 17, 2022

Election Day Comes Down To Political Class Vs. We The People

Authorities have a natural tendency to expand their size and power as time passes in the name of common good. This does not mean that they are evil any more than a lion would be evil for killing and eating a lamb when hungry.

We are talking about natural tendencies. When the people become less vigilant and largely ignore the growth and gradual domination by the government our freedoms are quietly and slowly eroded. That’s just a natural course when people have a full belly and a roof over their heads.

Our bloated and inefficient government is quite hostile to anyone threatening its sovereignty. For example, when the tea party arose in 2009/2010, the current administration and many in the media began referring to them as tea baggers and often used even more derogatory terms. Later the tea party and other patriotic groups that demanded adherence to the Constitution were unfairly targeted by the IRS.

Provided by IJR:

In our situation, the government has expanded to the point of having 645 federal agencies and sub-agencies filled with bureaucrats and regulators of almost every aspect of our lives. Instead of being a trusted servant that is subjugated to the will of the people, our government dictates to the people, Obamacare being a prime example.

We as a people cannot be going to the well(tax dollars) continually to fund programs that are doomed to failure. We have been through such a crisis in 2008 when the housing market collapsed. There is no reason to believe that Obamacare will not suffer the same fate, as many other programs. It is time to be more conservative in our approach. We cannot continue to fund a welfare state that continues to expand to a point where more draw off the system then put in. It has to stop, and on Tuesday.

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