• December 11, 2023

Emails Linking Hillary Clinton To Suicide Of White House Employee Vince Foster Vanish…

Could Hillary Clinton be responsible for Vince Foster’s suicide? Following the death of the former Deputy White House Counsel in 1993, it appears that documents related to her connection to his passing are missing from the National Archives and Records Service, according to the Daily Mail.

Prior to his apparent suicide, there were reports by the FBI documenting that Clinton scolded and humiliated Foster in front of White House aides, which caused him to end his life. The FBI found that a week before his death, Clinton held a meeting to discuss her proposed health care legislation. At one point during the meeting, Foster disagreed with her which caused her to ridicule him in front of his colleagues.

According to the documents, she continued to talk down to him for the rest of the meeting and even blamed him for Bill Clinton’s problems and accused him of failing the administration. Despite all of the detail, author Robert Kessler recently discovered that the documents which recorded the incident were missing while visiting the National Archives and Records Service in College Park, Maryland.

Kessler has previously visited the archives where he was briefly in possession of the FBI documents accounting for Clinton’s involvement in the investigation. However, when he returned for another visit the documents were no longer available. After thoroughly searching for the documents with the help of Archive staff members, the author still came up short.

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