• December 7, 2022

Emails reveal that national security reporter shared drafts with CIA press office

Reuters / Larry Downing
Reuters / Larry Downing

Emails released by The Intercept on Thursday between an American national security reporter and the Central Intelligence Agency’s public affairs staff shows the existence of “a closely collaborative relationship,” the news site reported.

Using Freedom of Information Act requests, The Intercept obtained a trove of emails sent between the CIA’s press office and a handful of acclaimed American journalists, the likes of which have revealed questionable conduct on the part of one reporter in particular.

Ken Silverstein wrote for The Intercept that the emails show that Ken Dilanian — a former Los Angeles Times security reporter who began working for the Associated Press in May — provided drafts of his articles concerning the CIA with the agency ahead of publication, and at times wrote the spy office to present officials with opportunities to be represented in a positive light.

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