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EPIC FAIL! CNN Interviews 2013 Syrian Chemical Attack Survivor Who Bashes Obama & Praises Trump [VIDEO]

A CNN reporter tries the usual setup hit piece job on someone she doesn’t like, this time it’s President Donald Trump.  But it didn’t work out for her.


In the old days a reporter’s job was to “report” the news, but today, with fake news CNN, reporters see their job as creating the news in the image of their own left-wing progressive ideology.

The Syrian man she was interviewing is a survivor of the 2013 chemical weapons attack in Syria, and she wanted to get him to bash Donald Trump over his recent airstrike of an airfield that launched a chemical weapons attack this past Tuesday, even going so far as to play a clip of Hillary Clinton, a clip which should have told the CNN reporter that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a clue as to how to protect people, whether the Syrian people from Assad’s chemical weapons or the American people from floods of refugees, caused by Obama’s hand wringing inaction against the Assad regime, when ISIS terrorists could be infiltrating.

When the man started talking and began praising President Trump and pointing out the incompetence and hypocrisy of the leftists whining about Trump’s airstrike Thursday, the reporter couldn’t get him off the air fast enough.  Watch how she slowly blinks and shakes her head in rapid successions, both signs of disgust. It’s one of the prime reasons CNN is now known as fake news.

This man got it right, and it should be our hope that he represents the overwhelming majority of Syrians.


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