• April 15, 2024

EPIC Meme Brutally Exposes Obama’s REAL Priorities


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Right Wing News reports:

In a stunning timeline of events, one which I personally do not believe is coincidental, Obama caved to overwhelming national criticism and pressure over the terrorist attack in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the deaths of five fallen military heroes, and lowered the flags at the White House to half-staff.

But he only did so AFTER Donald Trump ordered all flags on his properties flown at half-mast.
Trump, who has been speaking out and for the fallen Marines and Naval officer since the horrific event took place last week, was following through on his sentiments.

Obama, who had lowered flags in the aftermath of other shootings, did not and would not until yesterday.

He barely even addressed the issue. In fact, the same day the murders took place, he issued an end of Ramadan message and then jetted off to fundraise and party.

The next day, he went on record that he was going after the guns of Social Security recipients.

But as far as lowering the flags for these heroes – nope.

The logic given was that it was in a time of war and in the line of duty. What crap.
It was a terrorist attack and if there was ever a time the flags should be lowered it was over that.

Trump is acting more presidential than the president. I doubt that it was just about timing for Obama when he lowered those flags.


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