• November 29, 2023

ESPN Being Sued For False Claim of Racism

ESPN has become the poster child for political correctness.  They are now being sued for it by tennis analyst  Doug Adler, who himself is a former tennis pro.  He was fired from ESPN for “making a racist comment.”  Except that he didn’t.

Adler was commenting on a match between Venus Williams and  Switzerland’s Stefanie Voegele when he said that Williams was using “Guerrilla Effect.”  That term is at least 22 years old now and was used in a Nike commercial starring Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras, two white men.

Adler is now labeled a racist and is demanding that ESPN pay him for wages he will lose over the rest of his life for being falsely accused of being a racist.  Adler has used the term “guerrilla effect” for years, describing an aggressive style of play.


1995 Nike Commercial about 2 white guys:

ESPN has been costing parent company, Disney, a fortune from cancellation of their subscriptions for being too politically correct.  Firing conservatives for little reason but allowing blatant liberal and racist comments from the left with no punishment.

From IJR:

According to Fox News, the accusation was perpetuated after the New York Times tweeted that it was “appalling.”

While the comparison to a gorilla is a historical attack on African Americans, Adler claimed he used the word “guerrilla,” not “gorilla.” He told TMZ:

“When I commentate on tennis, I’m only commentating on tactics and strategy. I really could care less who’s playing — man, woman, child — doesn’t matter. So, I’m always talking tactics required to win and those tactics are: ”moving in for the kill,“ ”taking no prisoners,“ ”guerrilla effect.“ You don’t want to say the same thing over and over, so you use descriptive adjectives to describe what a player needs to do to win.”

The term “guerrilla” has been used in tennis at least as far back as 1995, when it was used in a Nike campaign that featured Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, two white, male players.


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