• November 26, 2021

Even More ILLEGAL Restrictions Coming For Unvaccinated Americans!

The Biden administration is not wasting any time with its push to punish Americans who do not want to receive the COVID vaccination. This entire situation almost seems written for a movie, but this is real life, and America and its citizens are no longer free.

Just a few short weeks ago, Joe Biden announced a six-step plan designed to make un-vaccinated Americans second-class citizens in a press conference, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed it by stating, “It depends on if you’re vaccinated or not,”

She said there were “six steps the president is announcing. There will be new components, as I noted and you noted. Some of that will be related to access to testing. Some will be related to mandates. Some will be related to how we ensure kids are protected in schools.”

Psaki said, “there will be new components that, sure, will of course impact people across the country. But we’re also all working together to get the virus under control, to return to our normal lives.”

Here is more from Western Journal:

During a meeting with reporters on Tuesday, Psaki had said private-sector pressure could help force Americans to get vaccinated.

“I will note that we’ve seen that there is a range of ways that we have increased vaccinations across the country — or vaccinations have increased, I should say. One of them is private sector companies mandating, in different capacities, that their employees get vaccinated, or certain school districts mandate,” she said, according to a White House transcript.

The New York Times report that did not name its sources said Biden will “impose new vaccination mandates as part of a broad plan to put pressure on private businesses, federal agencies and schools to enact stricter vaccination and testing policies.”

Some were already objecting to what they expected Biden to propose, and rightfully so.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, this is the time that we all stand together and push back against forced mandates. The government has no right to say what should be injected into our bodies ever, and for this to be an argument at all shows just how far we have fallen from our founding father’s principles.

We must stand together now, or everything our founding fathers fought for will be gone for good.




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