Even MSNBC Has Had Enough Of Sleepy Joe!

Morning Joe held an in-depth conversation on whether Major League Baseball’s decision to pull the All-Star game out of Georgia was the right way to object to the state’s new election law.

Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” host is one of the most anti-Donald Trump people in the media surprises on Wednesday morning when Scarborough appeared to turn on Biden a bit, as he admitted that the president “jumped the gun” by calling for Major League Baseball to move its All-Star Game out of Georgia due to the state’s new election law. Scarborough said this in reaction to Biden changing his tune on moving the Masters golf tournament out of Georgia just a week after he directed the MLB to move theirs out of the state.

After co-host Willie Geist stated that it’s “impossible to square” Biden’s argument, Scarborough said that the president and others may have “jumped the gun” before actually reading Georgia’s law and looking at it in comparison to election laws in other states.

“To listen to the president speaking right there, it’s impossible to square his argument,” Geist said. “One week ago, he was calling for the All-Star game to be moved out of Atlanta, and then shortly thereafter, it was. Now, he’s expressing concern about the idea of moving the Masters because of the impact it might have on working people in and around the Masters.”

That’s when Scarborough sounded off.

“[D]oesn’t it seem that a lot of people jumped the gun, a lot of people moved this All-Star Game, talked about supporting moving of the All-Star game — and, yes, I do believe Major League Baseball moved the All-Star Game before actually either reading the bill or understanding how the bill lined up with New Jersey laws, with New York laws, with laws all across the nation,” Scarborough questioned, according to Mediate.

“And again, please, please, don’t shoot me. … But I understand the bad faith that was shown in Georgia. I understand the bad faith that was shown by Georgia legislators, but this is going to be hard to unwind,” he added. “And it’s going to be hard to unwind because, again, there is that bad faith there, but when you line this bill up with what the laws were before the pandemic and what the laws are in states like New York, it is not Jim Crow 2.0.”

“The question is, did that warrant such a massive move?” Scarborough concluded. “Or should they have listened to Stacey Abrams, should they listen to John Ossoff, should they listen to Raphael Warnock, who said keep the All-Star Game here, please, but let’s use this as a learning experience and let’s use this to draw America’s attention to the bad parts of this voting law.”

Sources: Waynedupree, Lifezette

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