• September 26, 2022

Ever Wonder What People That Win A Lifetime Supply Of Something Do With It All? Read Their Surprising Testimonials…

At some point in your life, you probably have fantasized about winning a lifetime supply of something. Whether you thought about winning enough food to never have to go grocery shopping ever again, or enough wine just to make it through the work week, having a free supply of something until you die sounds like a dream come true (well, besides the part where you die). These Redditors have actually gotten to experience that kind of magic and have either won lifetime or year-long supplies of something. They shared their experiences about winning and made pretty much everyone reading very jealous in the process.

1. PiratePegLeg has enough Mars Bars to feed an obese, gluttonous army.

I won a lifetime supply of Mars Bars when I was 15. I get a box of 30 delivered every month. For the first 6 months it was awesome, never had to buy chocolate, had plenty to share with my friends. After a year it was hard to even give them away as everyone was sick of Mars Bars.

Now every 3 months or so I deliver 75 or so to my local food bank. I’m currently living in Thailand, I dread to think how many Mars Bars I’m going to go home too.

2. Jake382 traded their lifetime supply of tickets to sporting events for cold hard cash.

Mcdonalds monopoly was going on and we won 8 EA Sports games each year for life. We got a call a week or two later and were offered a cash option instead. Turned out to be worth around 24,000 dollars.

Edit: We took the cash after my mom started crying when she heard the woman on the phone say it.

Edit 2: My mom also yelled at my dad for buying chicken nuggets before he could explain what was going on.

3. Malzypants fed the neighborhood with their year supply of cereal.

Won a year’s supply of Apple Jack’s cereal when I was 10. Literally a pallet of AJ was dropped at my front door. The entire neighborhood ate AJ for months.

4. legendofpaige‘s teacher gave laundry detergent away as gifts. Thanks?

I hate to be that person to say “not me but-” but I had a teacher who got a lifetime supply of Tide. He bought a box at the grocery store and it was half empty for some reason, so he wrote a really polite letter to Tide to let them know. A truck showed up at his house with a lifetime supply of Tide. They used to give it away as gifts to dinner guests and friends because they didn’t know what to do with all of it. One day he got a call from his mom saying she was using the final box. Apparently it lasted for a good number of years though. Would have lasted for longer if they didn’t give most of it away.
Edit: It seems a lot of people don’t know what Tide was, I didn’t even think about that while writing this out. It’s just laundry detergent, but it’s one of the more expensive ones.

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