• June 27, 2022

Ever Wonder Why People Paint Fence Posts and Trees Purple

To understand why trees and fence posts are purple, you need to understand what made it necessary in the first place.  It is the law in many states that unless you post signs to the contrary, anyone on your land is not trespassing.  The problem became that people would rip the signs down so they could not be arrested for trespassing, usually it means hunters who want to poach off of your land.  That’s what prompted the idea of painting fence posts and trees.

The color purple was chosen because it is the easiest color for the color blind to distinguish.  So, now you know that whenever you see a purple fence post or a tree, you need to stay out.  

Purple shows well in the outdoors. In fact, it’s one of the only colors that colorblind people can easily identify. Having said that just seeing it on a fence post or painted on a tree as you go by might only garner a quick glance and an odd look.

It started in Arkansas in 1989 and by 1997, Texas had adopted the “purple paint rule” as an act of legal legislation. As Jonathan Kennedy, of EastTexasLands.com says in the video, “The reason they did that is they were trying to keep landowners from constantly having to replace signs.”

The marked posts or even trees must have clearly visible paint and that paint must be placed between three and five feet from the ground. Other states with purple paint rules include Kansas, Arizona, Montana, Arkansas, Idaho, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois.

No matter what state you are in “posted” and other no trespassing signs can be a headache for landowners to constantly replace. Sometimes they just wear out and sometimes trespassers use them for target practice.


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