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EXCELLANT: ICE Expands List of Eligible Deportees..Arrests 367 in One Day

ICE has expanded their list of who is eligible to be deported from the United States to five times what it was under Obama.  Anti-deportation groups are singing the blues because they say that some of these illegals are not violent, such as the one who was arrested for fraud 4 times.  Yeah, this is exactly the kind of people we want living here.  They also claim that illegal women are afraid to report rapes.  That may be true or it may just be because Trump has been deporting so many rapists.

 Immigration officials announced last week they detained at least 367 individuals in a series of raid operations—nearly one a day—across the country.

The arrests were announced throughout the week starting last Monday when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said they arrested 153 individuals in South Texas during a 12-day operation that ended last month.

On Tuesday, ICE said 75 individuals were arrested in a three-day operation in North Texas. Then, on Wednesday, ICE said 82 individuals were arrested over the course of five days in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. In the New York City area, there were 31 individuals picked up in three days. And finally, on Thursday, ICE said 26 individuals were detained in Colorado and Wyoming over four days.

Jorge Rivas wrote:

Dani Bennett, an ICE spokesperson, told Fusion that “individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs have long been considered by ICE to be a public safety threat and enforcement priority.” While that’s technically true, there’s a vast difference between what the Trump administration and its predecessor considers a “public safety threat.”

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa reports that 13 people are killed everyday by illegal aliens driving drunk.  That amounts to 4,745 killed every year by drunken illegal aliens.  Rivas argues they are not dangerous.

Go ICE Go.

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