• May 25, 2022

Family Buys a Cadaver to Bury With Son, But No One Expected This


A family in Northern China bought a cadaver to bury with their son to be his “ghost bride” a custom in some remote regions.  She was laid to rest in the coffin beside her “husband” and the family held a beautiful funeral service for their son before taking him to his final burial place.  Everything went smoothly right up to the last minute, when they heard noises coming from inside the coffin.  It was the woman, come back to life.  The family was terrified.

As it turns out, the woman, whose name is Zhao was a deaf mute, who had been snatched up by sex traffickers.  Sex trafficking is big business in that region of China and the women they capture are sold as housekeepers, sex slaves and wives.  Since there is no market for a deaf mute, one of the traffickers made her a cocktail of tranquilizers, figuring she would be buried by time she woke up.

From The Mail Online:

However, through their investigation, officers were able to track down six people allegedly involved in a human trafficking ring. 

They would use the women for prostitution and sold them on as wives, according to the report.  

One of the alleged traffickers, identified by his surname Li, admitted to the police that he gave the deaf-mute woman tranquilizers dissolved in a bottle of water before he delivered ‘the body’ to the family, according to the report. 

Linzhou police also told local media that they rescued five other female victims from the alleged traffickers.

One of the alleged traffickers had previously been convicted for trafficking according to Guancha.

 At present, the group are being held on suspicion of attempted homicide and are awaiting trial according to the Guancha report.