• June 27, 2022

Fascist Antifa Threw S**t at Conservatives in Berkeley

I guess Antifa, the domestic terror group made up of Nazi fascists took to throwing a new item last night.  They began sh**tting into their hands and tossing it at conservatives.  Some people are puzzled by these actions but I am not.  Consider this, there are a limited number of bricks and bottles but since Antifa fascists are full of shit, they have an unlimited supply, although I imagine those who threw a lot now look anorexic.  If they continue till they are out they could die.  The good news is once they are no longer full of shit, we can bury them in a matchbox.

According to Fox News:

University police erected barricades and refused to let any protesters enter the campus. At least 6 people were arrested — one for obstructing an officer and wearing a mask to evade police, and another for possessing a knife, Berkeley police Officer Byron White told the Associated Press.

Police in riot gear had prepared for possible violence between supporters and opponents of Coulter, but there were no major confrontations as the raucous rally wrapped up in the late afternoon.

Coulter told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Thursday that Berkeley claimed the threat of violence is what led to the cancellation, but she’s not buying it.

Ann Coulter said:

“There are ways of dealing with violence.  We do have a police force.”

“Berkeley, as you know all along, they’ve been changing their position every five minutes.  It’s like a game of musical chairs and whenever the music stops the answer is, ‘no, she can’t speak.’ My allies whom I love are on the same side, they ran away, they gave in. And then there was nothing I could do.”

A post at The Goldwater said:

Things took a turn for the worse when Gavin McInnes‏, a popular Libertarian commentator, reported that antifa protesters were defecating into their hands and throwing their feces at the free-speech group.

Warnings of this came from several sources, including @RavenHUWolf who reposted a circulating antifa graphic which shows men deficating on streets, signs and a police car. The text reads “Wear gloves. Shit in your hands. Throw it at them.”

Comparing Antifa thugs to chimps, a post at Fire Andrea Mitchell added:

I hesitate to call Antifa primates or chimps though because I think it’s unfair to primates and chimps. Antifa fascists leftists are much dumber than chimps, and far less evolved.

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