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Father Borrows Ex-Wife’s Phone, Makes Disturbing Find

A father went to pick up his 1 year old daughter from his ex-wife’s when he noticed she had Kik which he had heard was used to exploit children.  What he found had him calling the police who arrested his ex.  He found that his ex had been taking nude pictures of their baby and sending them to her boyfriend.  It also proved that she was sexually abusing the baby,

 The father opened the app on Lackey’s phone and was deeply disturbed by what he found. His ex-wife had been sending nude photos and videos of their daughter to her boyfriend, who lives in Florida. The photos and videos also revealed that Lackey was sexually abusing the baby.

KTUL reports that Lackey, 29, has been charged with five counts of sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. The mother was arrested and is being held in the Tulsa County Jail on $250,000 bond.

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office says that Lackey said she took the photos and videos because her boyfriend asked her to and that she used the Kid app to send them to him.

“I know initially when we got the call we’re like that can’t be,” Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Casey Roebuck told KJRH. “I mean that’s hard to even comprehend that a mother would do something like that to a child.”

Roebuck explained that Lackey and her boyfriend “had been face timing and over the course of this relationship he asks her to send pictures and videos of this baby of acts being performed.”

A neighbor, Tymprance Melton, who witnessed Lackey’s arrest, told News 9 that she watched police pull into her driveway and had guns drawn as they arrested the mother.

“We see her all the time outside with the babies, interacting with them, and she just didn’t seem like she would ever do that,” Melton said. “Just shocking, ’cause that’s our neighbor. Like I said, there’s babies here. Babies all around the neighborhood.”

The affidavit reveals that Lackey and her boyfriend would communicate via FaceTime and Kik and that the mother would send photos and videos of herself molesting her daughter, sometimes using objects. The most recent video was sent on the day that the father discovered the disturbing footage.

Sources: KTULNews 9KJRH / Photo Credit: Pixabay, Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office via KTUL


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