• October 1, 2023

Father Breaks Nearly Every Bone In Babysitters Face After Coming Home To Witness This Shocking Scene And I Don’t Blame Him

Few things will make a parent as angry as another person putting their children at risk.

When a father came home, he broke almost every bone in a man’s face when he found his 11-month-old daughter’s babysitters drunk.

Allegedly, 23-year-old father Lee Brown and his partner, Natasha Snow, came home on September 12 after a much-deserved date-night only to find a party at the home in Ashington, England where their daughter was. They had left their 11-month-old in the partier’s care and were outraged that her life was put at risk.

Furious, Brown dragged the babysitter, Darren McKay, into the street and proceeded to punish him with his fists and feet.

After the brutal beating, McKay was rushed to the ER where he was treated for numerous fractures in his face.

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