• June 13, 2024

Father Catches Daughter Dancing, What He Did Next Is Something Every Parent Should See

Most parents will do anything for their children whether it is going that extra mile to ensure their children know how much they are loved or to give them a means to achieve their goals. In this video clip, Austynn and Josh Samarco perform to Silentó’s “Watch Me” while the American flag is displayed prominently in support of our troops.

Austynn has some impressive moves and her talent has given her some pretty cool opportunities like performing at an LA Sparks game. What makes the video so awesome is not just her moves but her dad’s as well.

It is clear Josh Samarco supports his daughter’s aspiring dance career every step of the way by performing alongside her on video. This the message that he wrote for the video:

“Just a simple message in the background with the American flag to support our troops overseas in our country. My daughter is a talented dancer trying to make it in the industry so this video has helped her future because we got a call from the Los Angeles Sparks and we danced at the WNBA basketball game at third-period break. So we were hoping that I could be a dad to help my daughter achieve her goals in life. I don’t know many ways to do it but if just dancing with her gets her where she needs to be I’ll be on any show any stage and I’ll do anything for the love my daughter.”

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