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Father Catches Gym Coach in the Act of Sex With His Daughter

A father in Maine went to the school looking for his daughter who was enrolled in tumbling classes but apparently it was more like rolling around in the hay as he found the tumbling coach and his daughter in a dark gym and the coach had his pants down around his ankle.  He later claimed that the two didn’t have sex and that he was only changing clothes next to the girl. However, the girl told the police that they had had oral sex and intercourse.

 A tumbling coach from Maine has been charged with sexual abuse of a minor after police say the victim’s father caught the man in the act with his 14-year-old daughter inside a darkened gym.

According to prosecutors, 43-year-old Jeremy Link was seen with his pants around his ankles by the girl’s dad on Saturday.

Link taught tumbling classes at Elite All-Stars of Maine Cheer and Dance in Westbrook and ninja classes at another gymnastics facility.

The owner of Elite All-Stars hired Link a year ago. She says he passed a background check during the hiring process.

Authorities have not specified which gym the alleged assault took place in but said it was in Westbrook.

According to Link’s now-defunct Facebook page, he had taught classes at the Elite All-Stars gym in Westbrook and also operated a construction business on the side.

There seems to be a vast increase in teachers taking advantage of young girls and until we legalize castration as a valid punishment, nothing will change.


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