• January 24, 2022

Father Catches Man Trying to Steal His Baby at Dunkin’ Donuts [VIDEO]

A man and his wife were in line at Dunkin’ Donuts and had their baby in a carriage, when a man who had been lurking over by window tried to take the baby and run, but the father was too quick for him.

 The disturbing moment a man appeared to try to abduct a baby from a stroller has been captured on camera.
Surveillance footage recorded on Sunday at a Dunkin’ Donuts in downtown Philadelphia shows an unidentified man reaching into a stroller inside the store.
The short clip starts by showing the man stand up from a chair near a window of the store, before he takes a few steps towards the stroller – which was behind a woman waiting in line.
The man then reached down into the stroller and appeared to grab the baby, and looked like he was about to lift the child out of the pram.

However, the woman quickly spun around and shielded the baby from the man, before another male customer stepped in and heavily shoved him towards the wall of the store.
A few seconds later, the woman was seen leaving the store with her stroller. The would-be abductor was then also filmed walking out into the street.
The woman and the second man – thought to be the baby’s parents – had their faces blurred in the clip.
Philadelphia Police released a statement when it published the video, calling on anyone who knows the man to come forward – as well as the people who had their faces blurred.

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