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Favorite to Head DNC Supports Reparations for Blacks

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 17: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (L) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) (R) speak to members of the media during a news conference about private prisons September 17, 2015 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The legislators announced that they will introduce bills to ban private prisons. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The favorite to take Debbie Wasserman Schultz  job at the DNC is a big supporter of reparations to blacks for slavery.  Democrats will eat that up with a spoon, not that they want to pay out a large sum of cash from the federal government that they consider to be their own personal piggy bank.  That doesn’t mean they won’t pretend to favor it.  They love to use issues they have no intention do anything about, but love to use them to swing the vote.  Keith Ellison on the other hand will actually try to pass the bill.  Success depends on how many republicans he can make wet their panties for fear of losing their power, just like the three republicans who opposed Trump and lost their seats.

The reparations bill he supports reads in part:

“To acknowledge the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery in the United States and the 13 American colonies between 1619 and 1865 and to establish a commission to examine the institution of slavery, subsequently de jure and de facto racial and economic discrimination against African-Americans, and the impact of these forces on living African-Americans, to make recommendations to the Congress on appropriate remedies, and for other purposes.”

Ellison comments further:

“Yes, I think we need to study reparations. When there’s injury there should be redress, right?” Ellison said. “We have to go through the work to figure out what reparations is, that’s what I’m arguing for. I think it would be an important journey for our nation. Bottom line: We’re all Americans today, but you can’t heal a dirty wound, you have to clean it out first.”

And where does the Muslim congressman stand on Radical Islamist extremism?

Ellison testified before congress on Islamic extremism and homegrown terrorists:

Ellison, a Muslim whose Minneapolis district has been fertile recruitment ground for Al-Shabab insurgents in Somalia, calls the GOP-led inquiry a “McCarthyistic” witch hunt that could demonize Muslims. As a star witness in the hearing, Ellison will be spotlighted nationally as the face of American Muslims.

But Ellison’s spotlight is multidimensional lately. Supporting protesters from Cairo, Egypt, to Madison, Wis., he’s been styling himself as an old-fashioned “power-to-the-people” activist who also carries the title Congressman.

“I’m an activist who happens to be a congressman,” said Ellison, who was arrested at the Sudanese embassy two years ago to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Darfur. “Elective office is an extension of how to make a freer, safer, fairer world.”

If he leads the democratic party, our job becomes easier.


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