• January 24, 2022

FBI Director Tells Loretta Lynch to Shove It


The more we find out about the Obama administration, the more we know just how truly corrupt they really are.  What we just found out is that Loretta Lynch pulled out all stops to prevent FBI Director James Comey from reopening the investigation into Hillary’s emails.  But she never had a chance.  Comey, who took a huge hit when he refused to recommend charges against Hillary,  had already decided the case would reopen and he wouldn’t even let his boss order him to drop it.  But she has no power here.  If she fired him, cover up would be shouted from every rooftop in America.

But before you start letting dreams of Hillary in prison, just cool your jets.  It’s never going to happen.  One of two situations will emerge.  Either Hillary gets elected and kills all investigations into her emails.  Or two Trump wins and Obama pardons her for all crimes committed as Secretary of State.  He may pardon her if she wins, so that impeachment would become impossible.

Still, you have to hand it to Comey.  He manned up and told his boss to shove it.  That takes guts.

FROM US Herald:

Friday’s decision by FBI Director Comey to inform congress that roughly 675,000 Clinton emails were discovered on the shared laptop of both Huma Abedin and her husband and child sex offender Anthony Weiner, apparently caught even Attorney General (and Clinton surrogate) Loretta Lynch off guard.

There’s little doubt however that Abedin will likely face criminal charges for lying to the FBI, and also perhaps obstruction of justice charges, stemming from the discovery of these emails on the shared laptop, which of course raises the possibility that these emails may have also been hacked further from Weiner’s, simply because of the perverse nature of this individual, and raises all sorts of possibilities in regards to our national security.

It was also reported prior to the FBI Director’s independent decision not to seek anyone’s approval, that Lynch was attempting to block any additional investigations of the Clinton emails, regardless of Comey’s promise to do so to congress, which apparently has blown up in Lynch’s face.

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