• June 27, 2022

Federal Judge Shuts Down Michigan Recount


Judge Mark Goldsmith acted Wednesday night, a day after the state appeals court said the Green Party candidate isn’t eligible to seek a recount concurred and ordered the recount closed.  Goldsmith had ruled previously on the recount and ordered it to begin on Monday.  many people misinterpreted his ruling.  The case before him was whether the recount should start on Monday or Wednesday.  He did not rule on the validity of the recount because that was not part of the suit.

Wednesday’s hearing was on the merits of the recount.  The judge ruled that Jill Swine was not an aggrieved party and a recount could not possibly give her the victory, and therefore she was ineligible to call for a recount.  Swine says she will appeal to the Supreme Court.  Good luck with that Swine.  It’s probable that all of the liberal judges would rule against her, but it’s more likely they will refuse to hear the case since 4 justices would have to approve the request for a hearing.

Wednesday’s ruling means that the recount is over and Jill Swine has failed to win the election for Hillary and will not be going to work for the Clinton Foundation.

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