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Female ISIS Suicide Bomber Uses 3 Kids For Cover


ISIS has a firm hold in Libya now thanks to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but as usual, even though they are at fault, it’s others who must pay the price.  Increasingly in Libya, civilian women are recruited to become suicide bombers and they find it is easier for them to infiltrate areas where men would be stopped.  So it was when a woman took three children with her on a suicide bombing mission against Libyan soldiers.  The soldiers let the group pass because it was obvious that the three children were underfed and possibly ill.

Fortunately, the children were later placed in an ambulance and taken away, but the woman and allegedly a second woman set off their suicide vests in the middle of a group of soldiers killing 4 and wounding about a dozen.  This is the third attack by women using children as decoys.  Libyan authorities say that in those three attacks, 4 have been killed and another 38 wounded.

From The Mirror:

It’s now feared that more civilian women – in Libya at least – are being brainwashed, forced or cajoled into killing themselves for IS terrorists as fighting intensifies.

 Libyan forces, backed by US air strikes, are close to taking full control of the former Islamic State stronghold of Sirte after a campaign lasting more than six months.

But they have had difficulty dislodging terrorists from a final patch of land near the city’s Mediterranean sea front – partly because of concerns about families or captives being held hostage.

During a pause in fighting on Friday, Reuters journalists saw one woman escorting three young children through an alleyway toward waiting Libyan forces.


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