• May 29, 2023

Ferguson Streets Getting Stirred Up Again Over Newly Discovered Michael Brown Video [VIDEO]

A protest took place outside Ferguson Market & Liquor on Sunday after footage was released of Michael Brown at the store exchanging a small bag for the box of cigarillos that previously released footage suggested he stole.

It has yet to be seen if this will spark larger, more destructive protests like those seen in 2014 after Brown was killed upon allegedly attacking a police officer.

Take note that neither video is what caused Officer Darren Wilson to shoot Michael Brown.  That was all on Brown himself in how he behaved around the officer.  You can’t psychically assault a police officer in his car, try to grab his gun, then moments later begin charging at him when he has his gun pointed out you telling you to stop.  And that’s why Michael Brown died.

Think of the stupidity of where we are with all of this.  Speculations abound about more protests and possibly riots because a rabble rouser documentarian mentioned a second video that may show Michael Brown not as a robber but a dug dealer instead.  The video still shows Brown grabbing items from inside the counter, it still shows him assaulting the store clerk by the door, and it still shows Brown intimidating the clerk by flexing his large, bulky body to intimidate him.  So the video has no bearing on the incident with Officer Wilson, but how many protesters will even care enough to think about that? My prediction is if Al Not So Sharpton stays home it will be a much more peaceful protest.



H/T The Daily Caller

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