• May 28, 2023

Fetterman’s Reason For Dressing Like A Transient In The Senate Is Absolutely…

Pennsylvania Democrats, rejoice.

Yes, you may have chosen a man for the upper chamber of Congress who, before the Democratic Senate primary last year, had suffered a stroke and was unable to form a whole thought.

In addition, it’s not unusual for stroke survivors to spend a few months of their recovery period in the hospital coping with major mental health concerns.

But do not fret. Fetterman is receiving a lot of latitudes, just like any other celebrated Democrat, including when it comes to the Senate’s clothing code.

As you may have noticed, Fetterman has chosen to dress for the job he had rather than the one he has, which is the rather low-key, minimally powerful position of lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. If he even has any chance of getting the job he desires, forget about dressing for it.


This is how he showed up for a news briefing about debt ceiling negotiations:

Let’s just say that folks, hmm, questioned if Fetterman’s clothing was appropriate:

It’s true that Fetterman’s portrayal of a blue-collar everyman in cosplay contributes to some of his attractiveness, assuming you find him endearing at all. The hard-hat, lunch-pail, all-American sort, you know? who, by chance, was able to pursue a career in politics since his parents gave him a big allowance and he hardly ever worked a day in his life. But at least he had the Carhartt hoodies! Additionally, I’m thinking he has a hard hat hidden in his basement.

However, there are differences between running for the Senate and serving in it, especially given that the male-only upper chamber of Congress has a dress code.

However, Fetterman has discovered another loophole, according to The Associated Press, just as he did in 2022 with campaign rallies and debates with his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, before a significant number of Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots had already been cast.

“Before Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman checked himself in to the hospital for clinical depression in February, he walked the halls of the Senate stone-faced and dressed in formal suits. These days, he’s back to wearing the hoodies and gym shorts he was known for before he became a senator,” the AP reported Wednesday.

“Male senators are expected to wear a jacket and tie on the Senate floor, but Fetterman has a workaround. He votes from the doorway of the Democratic cloakroom or the side entrance, making sure his ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ is recorded before ducking back out.” [Emphasis ours.]

It continued, “In between votes this past week, Fetterman’s hoodie stayed on for a news conference with four Democratic colleagues in suits, the 6-foot-8 Fetterman towering over his colleagues.

“The senator’s staff had originally asked him to always wear suits, which he famously hates. But after a check with the Senate parliamentarian upon his return, it became clear that he could continue wearing the casual clothes that were often his uniform back at home in Pennsylvania, as long as he didn’t walk on to the Senate floor.”

This seems implausible at first glance and is another indication that there are still unanswered problems regarding Fetterman’s maturity, which began even before his one and only discussion with Oz revealed just how difficult his road to full cognitive recovery would be if in fact he ever managed to traverse it.

But don’t tell that to people who are close to Fetterman; they told the AP that the senator’s attraction is partly due to his disregard for the Senate’s dress code and appearance.

“People close to Fetterman say his relaxed, comfortable style is a sign that the senator is making a robust recovery after six weeks of inpatient treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where his clinical depression was treated with medication and he was fitted for hearing aids for hearing loss that had made it harder for him to communicate,” the AP reported.

“He’s setting a new dress code,” said Vermont Sen. Peter Welch, the only other Democrat in the incoming Senate class. “He was struggling. And now he’s a joyful person to be around.”

Since he refuses to adhere to the dress code?

Look, it’s understandable that part of Fetterman’s attraction on the campaign trail was that he sounded like Bernie Sanders while speaking like a “Street Fighter 2” character.


That was the campaign road, and I can’t emphasize this enough.

Now that he is a senator, Fetterman is acting like your 17-year-old cousin who refuses to dress appropriately for a formal Christmas Eve dinner by showing up in jeans, a knockoff Supreme sweatshirt, and a lopsided Lakers cap because he is too “cool.”

Finding a way to wear gym clothing on the Senate floor is not a good omen for a politician who received criticism for spending most of his life on the “rents dole.”

It would be even worse if Fetterman’s recovery from depression that was severe enough to keep him in the hospital for a prolonged period of time included this extremely casual Friday faux-authenticity, as Welch proposed.

Additionally, it’s just another instance of those in Fetterman’s circle defending the senator, with Democrats largely ignoring it.

The incident in question came during testimony from Silicon Valley Bank ex-CEO Greg Becker.

The Post’s Jeff Stein tweeted this quote from Fetterman: “Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we bail out your bank? Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP requirements for hungry people than protecting taxpayers that have to bail out these banks.”

As one may expect, Fetterman’s comments greatly deviated from the official record of his office:

“The Republicans want to give a work requirement for SNAP,” Fetterman actually said. “You know, for a uh, uh, uh, a hungry family has to have these, this kind of penalties, or these some kinds of word — working uh, require — Shouldn’t you have a working requirement, after we sail your bank, billions of your bank? Because you seem we were preoccupied, uh when, then SNAP requirements for works, for hungry people, but not about protecting the tax, the tax papers, you know, that will bail them out of whatever does about a bank to crash it.”

Fox News claimed to have discovered two further instances where the senator’s real words, which were far less cohesive, differed dramatically from the transcript of Fetterman’s remarks.

That reflects a sizeable portion of Fetterman’s remarks that have been edited by his staff to make him sound more at ease, especially given that he has only been back since the middle of April and has been easing back into his position as Pennsylvania’s junior senator.

What will Fetterman do next? Will he use resistance bands on the Senate floor to work out at his desk? During his speech?

He might also bring a Nintendo Switch in. Since “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” just released, I’m sure his doctor would agree that it helps him regain his ability to solve problems. Is it acceptable if he plays it outside the chamber door and enters quickly to cast his “yay” or “nay” vote?

Do you mind if we postpone this vote for a short while till he defeats this shrine? He’s been quite frustrated by it, and you don’t want John Fetterman to become extremely frustrated, do you?

This is the mess that Pennsylvania voters have created. Before you can clean everything up, another five years and some change will pass.


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