• June 13, 2024

Fiji Rugby Team Teaches Gabby Douglas Meaning Of Respect

I have to cover  a bit of territory before I get to the meat of this story. First of all, being American, I don’t have a love for the monarchy, but I look at it by its historical perspective. This has nothing to do with race, although many in America will find it such; being we all know how race is big business in the states.

That being said, if you run the parallel of Gabby Douglas to the Fiji Rugby Team there was a stark difference, a show of respect they showed upon winning the Gold Medal.

Contrast this with Gabby Douglas not placing her hand over her heart during such a momentous moment. Make the excuse, but the bottom line is, place your hand over your heart and show some respect for our country.

According to DailyMail.co.uk:

Fiji’s rugby players have shown Britain’s Princess Anne the deepest respect during their award ceremony after they walked away with the nation’s first ever Olympic medal.
On Friday, the rugby seven team sang in celebration after claiming victory over Britain 43-7 – the first Olympic rugby win in 92 years.
After awarding Britain with their silver medals, Princess Anne stepped over to place gold around the 12 Fijians’ necks.

This incident has taken Gabby Douglas to a new low. These Gentlemen have taught many a lesson in respect and human kindness. True Champions. What do you think?

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