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Fisherman Pulled in an Impossible Catch With Only a Rod and Reel

Fishing is a great national pastime all around the world but some experiences are more enjoyable than others.  Just ask Dino Ferrari, who may just have set a world record with his rod and reel.  He made sure he took a few pictures, otherwise no one would have believed him.  Even with the pictures, he may be accused of photo shopping.  He caught a catfish that weighed 280 pounds and was nearly nine feet long.  The world record is over 300 pounds but it wasn’t caught with a rod and reel.

SJWs commented on his catch exactly as you would expect them to:

 Jennifer Edelen commented “How about you leave these beautiful creatures alone!”

And her opinion was shared by a great many Facebook users, who said things like:

“Probably older than all of us and he just killed it for a picture. Unreal. so sad”- Courtney Nichols

“I mean as cool as a large dead fish is, it’d be way cooler if it was still alive.”- Brian Perryman

“Should have taken a picture and let him GO!”- Kathy Haynes

“Why do we have to kill everything?”- Antonio Zorilla

Others were more appreciative of the feat:

“Fire Jeremy wade from ‘river monsters’ and hire this guy. That’s impressive.”- Pat Driscoll

“Wow! Unbelievable. Size and weight of catfish.”- Konnie Michelakis

“WOW!! that fish looks like it could have eaten him!”- Ward Jones

And since every viral post has a few comedians sharing their thoughts, we were able to find a couple of real zingers as well:

“Something’s fishy about this story.”- Curt Webber

“Holy carp….I mean crap.” Vallerie Glasscock

Some people recruited Snopes to determine if the photo was a fake.  Snopes found that the story was absolutely true.




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