• April 19, 2024

Florida Family Faces Eviction For Having THIS Hang In Their Window

So much for individual rights:

A Florida family may soon be homeless after a teen family member put a Confederate flag in one of the home’s windows.

According to Genice Horta, the incident began last week when her 15-year-old son put a Confederate flag in the window of the home in Naples, Florida, for the Fourth of July.

“He doesn’t understand the controversy,” Horta said of her son, who has mental disabilities. “Fourth of July, Independence, he believed he was celebrating independence.”

Soon Horta received a letter from the property manager informing her she was being evicted, reports NBC 2.

“I tried to get an answer from (the association manager) and her answer was ‘well, last week you had a Confederate flag up,’” Horta told Fox 8.

According to the letter, the family has defied their policies before and had been “notified numerous times regarding the breaking of rules.”

Horta claims she has only had two minor incidents with the managers, and those incidents only happened within the first month of the family moving in. The family has lived in the Naples neighborhood for about two years.

“I haven’t received a letter since,” she said.

The president of the homeowner’s association told reporters the board thought the past violations were enough to evict the family.

Horta now has less than a month to find a new place to live.

“It’s not like everyday somebody gets thrown out because you put up a flag,” Horta said. “I believe I’m owed an explanation.”


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